Aim for Excellence

At PumpMate, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products, the most diverse selection,
and 100% satisfaction service.
This is what we at PumpMate believe in, and it is our philosophy

We value and respect each of our customers, since we believe:

Customer success leads to business success

                                            ~ PumpMate 


Customer Success

Pricing Stability

We aim to offer the highest quality of products but with more reasonable prices. 

A great advantage with us is for not 
increasing the prices constantly  to our customers. 

Quality & Delivery 

We are responsible for every piece of products we shipped. 

In PumpMate, 80% of the orders are shipped within 4-6 weeks. 
This allows our customers to make an accurate inventory plan.  

Customer Service& Support 

Besides price and quality,PumpMate always steps into customers' shoes & offers "A Personal Touch Service"


We provide our customers with prompt, efficient & considerred support so that they can be successful.