SNAF series High Efficiency Apparatus Use Sewag e Pump (2P)

SNAF series

SNAF series

PumpMate´s Wastewater Submersible Sump Pump offers a high-performance, durable solution. Our pumps are designed for efficiency, ensuring seamless water management. With a diverse range of styles, we offer customers various options to suit their needs, guaranteeing a comprehensive selection for any requirement.

Product Features:

1. High-efficiency stainless steel impeller with semi-open and double-wing design to prevent blockage. This
    product will have a better flow and head because of the special runner design.

2. Cable base and core wire are manufactured with an epoxy resin treatment to prevent moisture from entering
    the motor.

3. The volute casing is equipped with a vent bolt to avoid air locks.

4. Equipped with a high-quality dual SIC mechanical seal.

5. The motor has insulation in accordance with the standards of IEC IP68.

6. Auto-cut prevents the motor from overheating.

7. We insist on using thick Epoxy resin coating instead of common coating for better corrosion and rust

8. This type can be equipped with a lift bracket.


1. Wastewater lift station, municipal wastewater treatment plant.

2. Building a wastewater treatment system.

3. Piggery excrement, animal & poultry farm.

4. School, hospital, community wastewater treatment system.

5. Food, paper, mining, textile, leather industry wastewater treatment system.


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